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Helping people find pathways from education and training into employment for nearly 50 years. Since 1973, BRACE has supported Victorians offering education and training. Our team is especially passionate about delivering inclusive and varied services for people including those from diverse backgrounds.

Our mission, vision and values


We are one, valuing individual strengths and experience so we can achieve more together.

  • Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We consider the impact for the customer when making decisions or taking action.
  • We collaborate with each other to achieve business imperatives and support our colleagues to achieve their best. We use a ‘co-create, co-deliver’ approach to new initiatives or changes.
  • We trust and respect each other, actively seeking out and valuing feedback and diverse views. We choose ‘Above the line’ behaviours including accountability, responsibility and ownership.

We never stop imagining a better future for our customers.

  • We always imagine a better way and are courageous in challenging the status quo. We challenge ‘myths’ and appreciate diverse and ‘out of the box’ ideas.
  • We focus on possibilities and work to remove barriers to achieve them. We see challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • We make it easy to do business with us and with each other.

We care, and treat everyone with respect and kindness.

  • We genuinely care for customers and our people as unique and diverse individuals. We are genuine, honest and transparent in our conversations and actions.
  • We value each other and actively seek out and recognise those who have made a difference. We celebrate success - achievements, milestones and small wins. We surprise and delight.
  • We take time to understand the ideas and needs of others, choosing to reflect and refocus our behaviours and efforts in order to achieve the best outcome for our customers and the business.

We are passionate, our customers are at the heart of everything that we do.

  • We are passionate about the customer experience and strive to make their possibilities a reality by removing barriers and supporting them to focus on the things that matter.
  • We take action and deliver on our promises. We do what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it and we are agile in our approach.
  • We know that our mood is contagious and we bring our best selves to work everyday, choosing positivity, enthusiasm and a solutions focus. We have fun.


We are a not-for-profit organisation that has provided education and training services for nearly 50 years.

Our delivery is underpinned by our vision that social and economic participation should be a right of all individuals in our communities.

We offer support to people from various backgrounds and abilities, including disengaged youth, migrants, long-term unemployed, people with disabilities, and those facing financial, learning or social barriers.

What we do

We offer individualised, client-focused services and people who use our services can feel reassured that they will be treated with respect, dignity and equality when they connect with us.

Our senior management, leadership teams and all of our staff have a vision to make BRACE a dynamic, innovative and collaborative organisation with a reputation for high-quality services. Whilst this strategic vision presents an opportunity for the development of a culture of high performance, we will ensure that we remain connected to our local communities and to local people.

BRACE is a part of the Community Solutions Group (CSG) - a for-purpose human services organisation. Over the years CSG have joined with like-minded organisations to expand our services to also include education and training, employment and specialist disability supports across Queensland and Victoria.

As a group, we deliver 25+ programs to more than 17,000 customers.

Coming together with Endeavour Foundation in 2014 enabled Community Solutions Group to be better than ever, by not just reaching more people but supporting them in more ways.